February 1, 2022

How Philly Tech Companies Are Finding Top Sales Talent

Struggling to hire the right talent?

I have been working with Philly Tech companies for over 20 years. One of the biggest growth inhibitors is finding qualified sales and business development professionals. Although many believe they need more capital to grow, they really need to focus on sales and the sales team because sales drives cash flow – which is foundational to any investor.

Often the biggest challenge is that finding a qualified salespeople is that the search process is a full-time job. And clearly, this is often not the best use of your time and talent.

If you are struggling to fill sales positions with qualified candidates, and the task seems daunting, here are 3 tactics to reduce the time to hire:

  1. Get really clear on why your company is a great place for sales talent to work. It is a candidate’s market; good talent has multiple offers and your value proposition is vital to attracting the best team members. You need to sell them before vetting them. Build your value proposition into yours job descriptions..
  2. Use your network. There is a strategic recruiting order of priority when looking for candidates that few people leverage. Start with your employees’ networks. They are often in the same circles of the talent you are looking to hire. Provide your employees with a customizable email template which includes the job description and why they love working at your company. Incent them to do so. Offer them $1,000 if one of the people they find is hired.
  3. Provide your network with a LinkedIn search string so they can identify connections  that matches your ideal candidate criteria. Ask them to copy you and the candidate in an introductory message to make their job simple. Consider offering your network a strong financial incentive for successful hires as well.

Finding the right sales talent to accelerate growth for your company is foundational to meeting your revenue goals. You need a strategic recruiting process, not random efforts to build your operations.

If you are struggling to find the right business development talent, let’s schedule a brief conversation. I am happy to share additional specific strategies that have worked for our clients and can reduce your search time and attract more of the right people, so you can spend more of your time growing your business. I am confident our call will be well worth your time. Call or email today.

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