Business Planning

Business Planning -- Launching or seeking funding for a new business?

Our extensive experience in small businesses growth can make the difference between a fast start or a false start. A properly crafted yet simple business plan and PowerPoint presentation prepares you for successful introductions and conversations with potential investors, advisors and early team members. A deck is the one document an angel investor, venture capitalist or bank must have to provide the needed cash to your business. We collaboratively help clients create plans that translate their unformatted, loose vision into concrete terms that can directly lead to funding.

Our active advisory solutions include pre-launch and early-stage services, business feasibility research and analysis, financial modeling, idea vetting, marketing planning, action steps, introductions to key people in our valuable network and, perhaps most importantly, ongoing coaching and implementation for the business owner, CEO, founder and designated team.

Plus PBS acts as the bridge to funding sources – we help you prepare your plan and can help introduce you to funding sources including banks, angels, venture capitalists or other funding and represent your interests in getting your funding, along with helping you assess them and negotiate terms.

Our business plans and PowerPoint presentations can include:

  • Executive summary
  • Company/Business
  • Products & Services
  • Market Analysis, Marketing, Sales
  • Operations & Implementation
  • Management Team & Staff
  • Financials/Projections, and
  • Appendix


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