Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning -- Does your existing business need outside insight and a plan to achieve its strategic potential, greater profit and your dreams?

A properly facilitated strategic planning session captured in a well written strategic plan is a pivotal tool for driving growth and improving profitability. We pride ourselves in our ability to help you express your pain points and brainstorm your dreams and solutions. Our plans include clear and truly supportable action items, milestones and owners. This is the document that organizes your thoughts, allowing you to work on your business…not just in your business.

Our professional planning solutions are collaboratively tailored to meet your specific objectives. Our contributions can range from guidance, editing and input on previously drafted plans to plans written nearly entirely by our experienced PBS team members.

Through meetings, research, analysis, strategic planning and writing, we can create anything from outlines of short-term goals, including our Business Action Plan℠ to detailed business or strategic plans. These can be used for accelerating growth, driving profit, changing directions or as you prepare to sell a business.

Our strategic planning process includes:

  • Meeting in advance with the Owner/CEO or President and "C" level team to determine the overall, desired purpose of strategic planning for your business
  • Performing off-site research to prepare for an in-person session
  • Facilitating the half - or full-day session - setting the pace, driving the questions, documenting the ideas, providing input, so that your team gains clarity
  • Capping the session by specifying goals, owners and timelines, and
  • Developing post session documentation of notes, next steps and an actionable and realistic strategic planning report

Call or email us to discuss how the PBS team can help with strategic or business planning. We have written, facilitated, reviewed, judged, implemented and performed due diligence on business and strategic plans.


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