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How Do You Hire The Right People For Key Positions?

Have you ever held off on adding staff because finding the right person seemed too costly or complicated or you feared the consequences of a bad hire? That’s where we can help.

Hiring the right people for key positions is the single most pivotal function a business owner or leader can do to drive success. The President/CEO should be focusing on bigger picture strategy or business development. Too often, business leaders delegate this responsibility to individuals who lack competency to hire well or engage traditional recruiters who can charge 35% of the employee's salary for a non-custom search. The result: lost time, effort, opportunity and money due to less than ideal employee selection.

Our team deploys a unique, proprietary, strategic and tactical process to deliver superior talent who are excellent fits through our retained searches. We take the time to learn your business, the culture and what will truly be the right long-term talent “fit”. This is also why organizations like the Ben Franklin Technology Partners bring us in to perform workshops on recruiting for their portfolio companies.

Business Consulting

The PBS Process Includes:

  • Meeting with the President/CEO/entrepreneur to analyze, understand and, if need be, make recommendations regarding the new hire’s reporting relationships and the structure of the department which has the opening

  • Discovering the true details of the job requirements and defining the right fit in qualitative and quantitative skills congruent with your current team’s strengths and dynamics

  • Creating a company profile that will attract talent to your organization

  • Creating an appropriate job description with goals linked to company goals and culture

  • Crafting and placing industry and experience specific job board ads

  • Using a variety of creative marketing channels for candidate development, including connecting with our networks, mining our proprietary database; implementing viral recruiting strategies through LinkedIn and social media campaigns, and more

  • Aggressively reaching out to candidates not on job boards via calls, emails and tested search methods

  • Targeting client identified candidates via phone, LinkedIn and other means

  • Screening any candidates that clients would like to include as part of the process

  • Streamlining the candidate experience so as to hook the candidate on the attractiveness of the organization and communicate the process to have them eager to complete the hiring steps

  • Vetting candidates against our benchmarks, including written responses to the PBS Line By Line job match questionnaire, email communications and phone screens

  • Conducting best-of-class, in-person interviews, prior to presenting to client

  • Having select candidates create interpretive job summaries

  • Managing candidate communication and discussing candidates with client

  • Performing job specific testing, if necessary, in order to present you qualified finalists

  • Devising customized job-specific exercises for candidates to complete

  • Developing and checking references

  • Suggesting final evaluations and background checks of candidates, based on decades of hiring including the Gabriel Teamability Assessment

  • Proposing and negotiating a compensation package, offer structure and offer letter, goals and onboarding process, keeping a hands-on approach with both the client and candidate to bring on the new key talent including accepting the offer, and

  • Providing follow-up support to the new hire

Our process is collaborative with the management team, including weekly search pipeline update reports and calls, and focuses on ensuring your business objectives are met. This delivers better matches for the role and for the company than a typical recruiter, while saving you time and money.

We have performed dozens of successful retained searches including President, COO, Controller and Bookkeeper; Sales VP, Manager and Rep; Business Development Manager and Inside Sales Rep; IT Director, Programmer and Developer; Account Manager, Client Success Specialist, Marketing Manager, Help Desk, Project Manager and Client Services Director.

Call us to discuss your hiring needs. We'll listen to understand your situation and answer any questions you have regarding our approach. Be sure to ask how using PBS will make a key difference in taking the hassles of attracting talent off your plate and building a high-performance team so you can focus on growing your company. (And, of course, Pivotal Business Solutions, LLC, is an Equal Opportunity Employer and observes the laws in force relating to employment in each of the jurisdictions in which we work. Pivotal Business Solutions, LLC refers quality candidates without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual preference, age, national origin or disability.)

Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Case Studies
Pivotal Business Solutions


"Using the team at (Pivotal Business Solutions) for our sales rep searches greatly benefited our private digital broadcast company. It took pressure off us, utilized creative means to develop candidates, provided us with the professional search effort we were looking for and led us to three hires. And all this cost far less than a 'traditional' recruiter'."

Mark Rupp, President & COO, SpectiCast

"Adam Moskow helped us through several hiring and layoff decisions. He provides specific, ready-to-use business and marketing advice for our consulting firm. His flexibility with our budgeting and scheduling needs has been most appreciated. I highly recommend his professional services."

Tom Petersen, President, Environmental and Engineering Solutions, Inc.



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