Workshop Testimonials

“Adam Moskow, of Pivotal Business Solutions, gave a very informative, entertaining and interactive talk to our Project Liberty companies. The owners who attended were engaged in the presentation and gleaned very applicable knowledge from Adam's workshop they can put to use immediately. I would highly recommend him to any audience who would benefit from learning about recruiting for your business.”

Omar Mencin, Advisor to Investment Group at Ben Franklin Technology Partners


"Adam was a speaker at our ASTD GPC Consultants Special Interest Group in April at Strayer University. His presentation was geared towards helping consultants grow their businesses. I would consider Adam an expert in this field and recommend his work in this area. Adam was well received by the numerous consultants attending our meeting"                        

Jim McGuffey, American Society of Trainers & Developers

"Your topics were right on target and based upon the interaction, it was very helpful. Thank you very much for making this such a valuable meeting. Your insights provoked a lot of thought and discussion and I am sure immediately helped those who attended. I know I learned a few things."

Mike Riley, Co-chair Marketing & Sales Subgroup, Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group

"Thank you for taking time to tape our "Money Matters" show dealing with your ideas on entrepreneurial business. I think you did an outstanding job and you gave our viewers a number of items to think about as well as to provide them with useful information."

Richard Whitfield, Producer, Money Matters

"Thanks again for an excellent, thought provoking and targeted presentation."

William Hyczka, Mid-Atlantic Consultants' Network

"Thank you for coming. Your talk was perfect: amusing, uplifting, and challenging to our consultants."

Therese Flaherty, PhD, Director, Wharton Small Business Development Center

"Great enthusiasm and capacity to evoke dynamic, authentic audience engagement acted as the scaffolds for Mr. Moskow's presentation outlining the roadmap to starting a successful business. He provided practical examples and invaluable resources attendant to the process of designing and refining a business plan."

Tara McFalls, Coordinator of Adult Student Services, Cabrini College


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