Solving operations and recruiting challenges for CEOs without COOs of $1mm - $50mm revenue companies.

Since 2000, PBS has performed Operations & Profit Improvement Assessments, Fractional COO Services, Recruiting Assessments and Talent Searches for over 90 clients.

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Core values, principles & methods

Lead with Discovery Assessments
The PBS team believes in starting engagements with discovery assessments to understand our CEO client’s business’ situation -- their pains and their opportunities and determine Recommended Actions.

Be Trusted and Active
We strive to have our clients see us as active trusted advisors helping them improve their operations, hire critical talent, grow profits and achieve their goals.

Deliver Value
We are committed to working to deliver real client-focused value directly to our CEO clients.

Be Valued
Our clients value the pivotal operations and recruiting results we deliver for them.

The typical client

CEOs of private companies, owners of family businesses and high-growth founders past seed funding. PBS helps CEOs without COOs that run companies as new as two years old up to 130 year old generational businesses. They often have 5 to 75 employees and revenue anywhere from $1 million
- $50 million.

Clients have turned to us when their success had outstripped the operations they had built, when they needed to turn around a decades old family business, when they were in a high-growth spot and needed to bring on the right talent but didn't have the time or expertise and when they weren't ready yet for a full time COO but wanted ongoing part-time COO services to help grow profits.

Our client CEOs place mutual trust in our team and this is why nearly 9 in 10 of our clients are referrals from other clients or professional service providers who know our value so well.

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Our solutions

We support clients with operations and recruiting challenges. We do so through assessments and execution in 4 ways:


Operations & Profit Improvement Assessments

A 360-degree assessment of your business that delivers Recommended Actions for improvement.


Fractional COO Services

Part-time COO services to implement Recommended Actions and meet ongoing or project-based operations needs of your business.


Recruiting Improvement Assessments

An evaluation of your talent acquisition process with Recommended Actions determined to move forward towards best practices.


Talent Searches

Understanding your business’ needs, conducting the search process to hire critical talent.

Client testimonials

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"Adam was the backstop. He fixed the bookkeeping, gave us a blueprint for hiring, and his team recruited multiple teammates for us. I appreciate his team’s sage counsel and highly recommend them to any business that needs a virtual COO or recruiter.“

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Todd Lieberman
CEO, Circulate

PBS has been instrumental to the operations and recruiting success of Asset-Map. We delegate key decisions, having complete confidence in Adam’s thorough process and business savvy. I highly recommend for those who appreciate intelligent perspective and process.”

Headshot of a young man in a suit with a big smile and glasses, with a light blue background.
Adam Holt
CEO, Asset-Map

"Working with Pivotal transformed our business. PBS played a critical role in our successful efforts, performed strategic planning, helped bring on our development team and helped take company to the next level. A trusted partner.”

Headshot of a man in a suit and short hair with a green background.
Adam Warren

“Adam Moskow helped us through several hiring and layoff decisions. He provides specific, ready-to-use business advice for our firm. I highly recommend his professional fractional COO and recruiting services.

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Tom Peterson
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