Our Operations & Profit Improvement Assessment discovery process
evaluates your Leadership, Strategy, Products & Services, Marketing, Sales, HR & Team, Operations, Finance & Accounting and Vendors & Advisors.
The end product is a list of Findings and Recommended Actions across each of these areas. Having detailed, scalable, operations with technology-based process suggestions brings transformation to your business.

Three men in a warehouse with the guy in the middle holding a caulking gun, as they discuss operational plans.

Your actionable ops report provides Recommended Actions to implement to improve your business and grow your profit.

The Operations & Profit
Improvement Assessment process


Data Collection
Data collection icon depicted by several sources all pointed towards a unified database/document.
  • Approve objectives
  • Kickoff project with CEO
  • Introduce employees & vendors to PBS
  • Request list of documents & data PBS needs from client
  • Plan resources


Interviews & Research
Interviews icon depicted by two people sitting across from each other at a tablet.
  • PBS conducts interviews of
  • C-suite
  • Staff
  • Vendors
  • Board
  • Discuss culture
  • Review Vision & Strategy
  • Map employee experience
  • Discuss pain points and opportunity


Analysis icon depicted by a document with a magnifying glass highlighting a chart embedded in the document.
  • Analyze interviews & data
  • Review software and processes
  • Discuss business opportunities
  • Research scale and growth
  • Compare your business to industry benchmarks
  • Determine Findings and Recommended Actions


Action items icon depicted by a checklist of items and a hand pointing to a row on the checklist.
Presenting Report Findings
Determining Next Steps
  • Present PowerPoint of Findings and suggestions to CEO
  • Receive feedback from CEO & C-suite
  • Incorporate feedback into final written report
  • Present deck to staff and board
  • Determine with CEO which Actions they want implemented
  • Timeline & pricing determined for optional Fractional COO services

Fractional COO services


Staff icon depicted by three people: one with a clock/time above them, one with money/finances above them, and one with a handshake above them.
  • Implement chosen Recommended Actions from Operations Assessment

    Support CEO to manage, develop, and retain talent
  • Restructure roles
  • Create job descriptions
  • Develop goals and KPIs
  • Create bonus plans
  • Manage team
  • Create and manage goal-based team and individual meetings
  • Develop a culture of accountability


Operations icon depicted by a drawing of a playbook like it football to illustrate executing a plan.
  • Develop and execute Vision
  • Help with strategy
  • Implement an operating system so you have a grip on your business
  • Implement tech infrastructure
  • Establish collections processes
  • Research new vendors
  • Negotiate supplier contracts
  • Form impactful Advisory Board
  • Suggest other partners


Growth icon depicted by a drawing of a flower in a flower pot with a dollar sign on the bottom of the flower pot.
  • Mentor and develop management - be the CEO Whisperer
  • Assist with business opportunities implementation
  • Scale research and implementation to grow profits
  • Help execute marketing oversight
  • Explore competitive acquisitions
  • Structure sales operations team, technology & KPIs

Operations client testimonials

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“Adam and team improved our performance addressing operational challenges related to employees and negotiations with vendors, replacing our accountant and making key introductions. Adam provided coaching and was an invaluable strategic sounding board.”

Headshot of a woman in a black turtleneck with a light blue background.
Glenna Crooks, PhD
Founder, SHP Intl.

“Adam Moskow and PBS are devoted, intelligent and hard-working and bring much needed experience, discipline and solutions. Adam was responsible for improving operations. During his tenure, S&D twice earned a spot on the ‘Philadelphia 100.’”

Headshot of a man with short hair in a black jacket with a green background.
Shai Fishman
CEO, S&D Marketing

"I hired Adam to renegotiate our printing contract (for our magazines). He was quick and thorough. His tough negotiations will save us hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Headshot of a man in a suit with short hair and a light blue background.
Rob Martinelli
President, Today Media

“When it came time to sell our business, our accountants suggested we hire Pivotal. PBS navigated us through the process. They negotiated with the prospective buyer resulting in terms that exceeded expectations. Adam was an active advisor in every step through negotiating on our behalf. I would highly recommend the services of PBS.”

Headshot of a woman with glasses and long hair with a green background.
Juliet Marsala
CEO, Supports Your Way

“Karos needed operational help from an outsourced COO. Adam Moskow and his associates helped us with reviewing agreements, negotiating with vendors, and evaluating an accounting firm. PBS as a trusted advisor partner really helped Karos at a pivotal point.”

Headshot of a woman with long black hair and a purple shirt, with a green background.
Anastasia Daifotis, MD
CEO, Karos Pharma

“If you own a company, meet with Adam and team. Using them for CEO ops coaching is so useful. They helped us resolve a debt negotiation which saved us $150,000. Having a trusted advisor for strategy and getting stuff done is tremendous.”

Headshot of a man in a shirt with a bald head and a light green background.
Jerry DeFrancesco
CEO, Bala Motor Sports

"I brought PBS in to do an Operations Assessment and to help us with our operations. The report provided powerful analysis and great suggested actions. Adam and his team implemented many of those improvements which helped us to restructure and to save tens of thousands of dollars."

Headshot of a man in a suit and tie with short hair and a light blue background.
Taylor Fernley
CEO, Fernley & Fernley
Trusted for operations help by GREAT Companies
Logo for a company called "Fernley & Fernley" consisting just of green text.Ben-Franklin-Technology-PartnersJevs at home careLogo for a company called "Strategic Health Policy International" with a chess piece on the left all in dark blue.Logo for a company called "Today Media" but it is just one word with bold lowercase text.Logo for a company called "unreal marketing" with a yellow symbol on the left.
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